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Zanessa Ogden is a character in A Doomed Destiny.


When Zanessa was 5 years old, her father was attacked and turned into a vampire. He ended up killing her mother who had told her to run. Zanessa grew up defending herself against many creatures until she met Drake. Just before the series started, Drake and Zanessa had ran into a pack of werewolves and escaped bloodied having then wandered into Jorial village.


Zanessa has long wavy black hair with icy blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. She has a scar across her right shoulder that she tries to keep covered plus a hidden scar across her stomach. She is 5'3 feet tall and very thin from her years of being barely fed.


Zanessa is a cold-hearted person at the start of the series due to her past. As the story continues she forms into a protective strong young women who begins to become gentle and caring.

Role in Series

At the start of the series, Zanessa Ogden enters dirty and slightly injured. She wanders into Jorial along side Drake Nighy who she barely knew at the time.

Weapons and Abilities

Zanessa uses stakes and a silver dagger.