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Werebeasts have two different forms. These forms are their normal form and their animal form, which is


indistinguishable from normal members of the animal species (which are normally mammal), These forms are

connected to the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotions such as fear, aggression, and stress, and thereby can either be triggered at will, or if the werebeast is experiencing strong negative emotions, such as fear or rage.

Contrary to popular belief, the presence of a full moon does not necessarily control their transformations, however, therianthropy is connected to the moon in other ways. The full moon facilitates the first transformation in a werebeast, whether a werebeast was born (in which case, the first transformation enters around puberty, and they share their bodies with a spirit of the animal they can transform into they are able to communicate telepathically ) or converted (in which case, the first transformation activates at the apex of the full moon that takes place after the being was bitten).

Also, the moon does enhance the werebeast's powers somewhat, however, not enough that it isn't controllable. The full moon of different months can influence their powers and forms. They have been proven hostile towards humans, and are the mortal adversaries of Vampires. The two factions are in constant conflict.


  • lunar empowerment
  • lunar/feral mind depending on what kind of human has been bitten
  • regenerative healing factor
  • and will allow only one form depending on curse or being bitten

Types of Werebeasts

  • Werewolf - Animal form is a wolf, they tend to live in caves which they turn into dens and tend to hunt in packs. Can sometimes work with humans should vampires threaten them.
  • Werebears - Animal form is a bear, usually tend to live alone, at most with a family, but never in large groups. Think they're stronger then vampires and usually don't get help when threatened.
  • Werepanther - Animal form is a panther, similar to bears they like to live isolated, but when they know they're outnumbered, will run to get help, even from humans.