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Val Byrne is a vampire found just outside the village. She’s a rather cheeky individual at the start of the series, mostly acting smug and laid back. She has red hair and a penchant for telling stories


Being around 2 centuries old, Val has seen many things; many, many things. Most of her stories she tells often comprise of events she has witnessed, like the recent destruction of Earth. However, due to her age, this information is often blurred together or even unreliable. She was bitten when she was 18, attempting to flee destruction.


Val is a tall-ish red-haired Vampire with dark red eyes. She has a few freckles here And there, and has pale skin due to her vampirism. She is considered young in vampire years. Despite being centuries old, she still looks 18 years old.


Val is a rather cheeky individual, who loves telling stories and messing with people, as she is bored often. Val often acts nonchalant, as if she doesn’t care, but actually cares immensely about her friends and others she cares about. She’s usually quick with a witty comment or observation. She doesn’t get along with werewolves, as she thinks they are unintelligent.

Role in Series

Val begins as an antagonist, but often has this role forced upon her, as Drake shows a severe dislike of vampires. However after a confrontation, she becomes an ally of Zanessa and Drake, helping them on their adventures.

Weapons and Abilities

Val seems to be proficient at some weaponry, but prefers to remain unarmed. Her vampirism has given her heightened perception, enhanced senses, a desire to consume blood, night vision, light regenerative abilities, strength (roughly twice that of a human), and immortality.

However, as a vampire, Val is also weakened by: sunlight, fire, lack of food (blood), lacks the ability to cross running water, wooden stakes through the Heart, and garlic (as it negates her powers).