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Skrepania is one of six islands on Atlas. It is one of the northernmost islands, and its harsh winter climate is home to the militaristic Arperso people.


Skrepania is located close to Atlas’s North Pole, giving it a harsh, cold climate. The southern-most area of Skrepania is rather fertile for crops of potatoes and is home to small, scattered human settlements. The mountains to the west are abundant with ores and precious metals. To the West lies a dead city, from humanity’s golden age, that is rich in valuable scrap. The East across the frozen tundra lies former military sites belonging to the militant Arperso people, who are seeking to bring order and unification to the area.


The human inhabitants of Skrepania are very hostile to outsiders, as they fear strangers are actually werewolves in disguise. They typically survive by fishing, herding sheep, or subsistence agriculture. Small settlements are divided into city-states, which all have separate ideologies and occasionally conflict with one another. Small groups of bandits are common in the northern tundra. Arperso are very secretive and little is known about their culture, and are seen as boogeymen to smaller settlements.