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Icarus is the main antagonist of A Doomed Destiny.


Icarus, raised with a burning hatred for all of the creations on Earth, is the son of a very powerful vampire empress and an angel that was cast from Heaven, before the fall of Earth. When he finally corrupted the humans and other creatures enough that they destroyed their own world. He had begin plans to create his own world believing he would be a better ruler. He was angered to realize that the angels had fled to Atlas bring their creations there. he set out to destroy that world as well seeking to make sure this time no one survived. Eventually he managed to corrupt Heaven causing the remaining angels to fall from grace.


Icarus wears a black robe with gold and silver decorations. His face has that of big cheekbones, and sharp, pointed teeth, inherited from his mother.


Icarus is a dark prideful being, who believes himself to be more powerful than a god.

Role in Series

He caused the abandonment of earth, and the fall of Heaven. During the series he often toys with the ones trying to get in his way believing that they can not defeat him.

Weapons and Abilities

Weapon: Devil's fork a personal demon choice of weapon and causes extra abilities and enhances the strength of the master of the devils fork.

abilities: supernatural strength weapon creation wing manifestation supernatural senses healing factor and night vision