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Albert Fensley is a human character in A Doomed Destiny. He is an 18 year old teenager.


Albert lived a life out in a small village with his parents and brother as farmers. His father always taught him and his brother to have a sense of humor, even when times are tough. Albert sticks to this advice.


Albert has black hair and green eyes. His hair is in a noticeably messy style, which goes with his personality. Albert commonly wears a white tunic with black trousers. He wears a pair of brown boots.


Albert is outgoing in everything he does, and is quite friendly with everyone he meets. He is not afraid to crack a joke even when in danger.

Role In Series

The protagonists meet Albert in Jorial.

Weapons and Abilities

Albert carries a shovel, which he uses as a weapon. Though in other cases where he or his village might be attacked, he uses other gardening tools as weapons.