A Doomed Destiny Wiki

Welcome to A Doomed Destiny Wiki. To keep things running smoothly and to create a good environment we have created some guidelines.

Chat Guidelines

  • No excessive swearing and no slurs period.
This means be polite in chat. While swearing is allowed, you aren't allowed to direct it towards a user and not to overuse swears. Saying slurs could get you from a few days to a few months ban depending on what the banning admin decides.
  • No NSFW Topics.
This means no sexual topics/words referring to genitals or gore is allowed period.
  • No flooding/spamming chat.
  • No overuse of chat tags, ie, don't use big red letters constantly.
  • Staff members may not kick other staff or members unless violating the rules.
  • Do not purposefully stir up drama.
  • No death threats or any type of threats. This results in an instant ban.
  • 5 words of caps is the max limit.
  • No minimodding on this wiki please.
A user may remind or direct another to the rules but no trying to enforce the rules or coming off in a modding tone.

If you believe you were unfairly blocked or banned please contact one of the other staff members with proof backing up your claims.

  • Banning:
  • First violation: Warning, direct to the rules.
  • Second violation: 1 day ban along with direct to the rules
  • Third violation: 2 week ban along with direct to rules
  • Fourth violation: Permanent Ban

Note: That the above is interchangeable depending on what you did. This policy is not exhaustive and can be stretched as the staff sees fit.

Roleplay Guidelines

Copy Righting

We want to keep A Doomed Destiny Wiki as original as possible so please so not rip off copy right movies, stories, TV shows and etc, this includes images. and avoid naming your characters after yourselves, self inserts are normally frowned upon.


To keep the pages consistent and organized please use this format for creating character pages.

==Role in Series==
==Weapons and Abilities== 

Each section needs at minimum 30 words for the character to be accepted. A page has 3 weeks to meet this before it is deleted.


  • No OP Bios and no GodModding: Godmodding is defined as, but is not limited to: controlling other characters, one-hit kill attacks, immunity to all attacks, and omniscience. Failure to do so will result in your reply being removed. If the reply is not removed immediately and a story-line is continued based on it, all replies based on the god-modding action may be removed. Continued god-modding will result in a kick decided at administrator discretion.
  • No gorey or inappropriate replies. Keep the replies realistic to the character's abilities and etc as well as keep it consistent.


Making a new page about any new character is always a fun thing to do, but like any RP wiki there are a few limits in what you can edit.

  • No edit farming, that means either making only small amount of useless edits to boost your edit count, making multi edits that could've been made in one edit and so on.
  • Since spam is out of the way, try to make a quality edit. Make sure that it actually changes the page as a better one
  • Vandalism depending on how severe could get anywhere from a warning to a permanent block.

Staff Guidelines

Warnings and Consequences

Warnings go as followed: A person will have 2 warnings before receiving consequences. Following this will be a kick, and then a timed ban (depending on the severity of the action.) There are some exceptions because of a spectrum of severity within a user's actions, and consequences can be enforced immediately despite the rule above. Examples of offenses that are an exception to this rule and deserve an instant ban are: - Posting NSFW content despite knowing it is not allowed. - Flooding the chat or server with the intention of trolling or ruining people's experiences, raids included. - Disrupting the entire server with drama related topics, or a rebel against the rules, and/or moderators' wishes. Examples of offenses the should be immediately greeted with a kick are: - Starting drama for petty reasons. - One way or another letting yourself in or changing permissions for yourself in order to go or do what you shouldn't be able to. - Repeatedly breaking minor rules within a very short span of time that aren't quickly warnable.

Confrontation and Rule Enforcing

Upon a user breaking the rules, your initial reaction should not be "what the hell stop doing that" but rather "Hey, that's against the rules. Please don't do that again." Being stern and saying "Do not do that again" without a 'please' on the first offense will seem rather hostile and disconnect you from the regular members. Yes you do have power, but that power should not affect your attitude towards regular members. Think of it from the perspective of someone without a set of rights: they would ask the person to please stop doing that, and continuously get more stern as they continue to break it. However, please try not to get too easily impatient or fed up with the rule-breaking member. Do not throw names, do not use all caps, and do not start to bicker with said rulebreaker and/or get extremely hostile with them. The only difference between you and a non-righted member is that you have the power to stop most offenses permanently.

Situations of Rebuttal and/or Talking Back

Before giving an answer, (unless the situation requires immediate attention) think about the supposed rulebreaker's point calmly and rationally and their perspective in the matter. What are the flaws of their POV, and what are the flaws in your enforcement? Is it biased? Is it hypocritical? Is it too light to be considered a warnable+ offense? Considering their side of the story will allow you to open yourself up to inconsistencies with the rules or your own behavior in order to improve moderation and the server itself. When you decide that their explanation, excuse, or rebuttal is the flawed one out of the two, simply give your points and if they don't understand, give clarification. If the enforcement causes an uproar within the offender(s), take further action depending on the situation's severity.

Realizing and Admitting Mistakes

There are plenty of times where you may accidentally enforce on false claims, whether there was no rule for that enforcement in the first place, the punishment was too severe, there was intense bias, or anything else of the sort. Accidents happen, and you'll need to accept you were wrong in the matter and not let it affect you. If someone thinks less of you for making that mistake, you should not take it to heart and help everyone- including yourself- move on from incident. If you are making an effort to follow the guideline and do your best for others within the server, you do not deserve bashing or lesser treatment, and if anyone has been doing of the sort, report to an administrator or other moderators for discussion. Do not be afraid to admit mistakes, it's much better than dragging your name in the mud trying to come up with an excuse.

Keeping Yourself Less Hostile

Patience is key when moderating, for you don't want to leave a hostile and malicious impression on the users and the offender. You have much more time than in real life to respond, so think out what you say before you say it and remember to base your response on the amount of times they have violated the rules and their thoughts about it. Don't swear at them or cuss out, it's an immature response and leads to people not taking you seriously as a person and moderator. Being forgiving to new offenders will allow them to relax and move on from a mistake, however, don't sugarcoat it or overdo it, or they may get the wrong impression and be less careful about slipping up. If you need help from others, don't be afraid to take it and have multiple or other moderators handle the situation. It's perfectly fine if that situation is not for you or you weren't able to deal with it, nobody is going to think less about your ability if you need someone else to help clear things up. If anything, they'll think less of the user that is making that big of a fuss.

Staying Unbiased

This is an important one and one that you may not even be aware that you're doing. Simply put, do not give special treatment to certain users. Avoiding enforcing the rules for a person because you favor or like them puts them at an unfair advantage compared to other users who cannot get away with an offense so easily. No one should be breaking the policy, but no one should especially be breaking the policy and getting away with it due to a moderator- the one person meant to help the chat stay sane and impose punishment on those threatening against it. Try to compare different situations in your head and think ahead of time, "what would I do if this person I like over the other disobeys a rule?" Correct yourself on the matter and keep in mind that nobody is a higher being than the other who deserves special treatment. When you're biased against someone, do not lessen their treatment as a user and human being, but rather become more strict with them if they have had previous warnings or punishments. Another form of bias is favoring certain users for positions even when they are not fit for it or do a poor job at it just because they are your friend. The server should be thought of when giving users roles like moderator and/or administrator and not personal feelings or preference.